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The Best in Long Weekend Road Trips

Long Weekend Road Trips

Whilst most retirees don’t need to wait for a long weekend to take a road trip, Easter and a long weekend are pretty hard to spend at home. With family and friends also on holiday, it’s a great time to get out and be amongst the holiday vibe.

We know that private vehicle travel is the number one pick for holiday transport amongst  Moreton Group clients so we’ve found some great sites to help you discover popular and flexible trips you can fit into your Easter weekend.

This is a great site to check out where to go. It’s also got some great tips on what to do.

The Australian Traveller has done the hard work in putting together our best camping spots. Although we can’t imagine testing out camp sites is really hard work. If you plan on camping, think about these options  – there’s something in every state.

And because we want you to come back safe and sound from your road trip, we’ve added a link to some great tips on preparing for your campervan or car road trip with advice on everything from national parks to places to see.

And if all that is not enough to get you inspired, scroll through some of the blogs on our website for some great inspiration.

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