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Staying in Control During Uncertain Times

Staying in Control During Uncertain Times

In the current climate, where COVID-19 has brought so much uncertainty about the future, taking control of your financial planning is providing more benefits than simply building a better monetary nest egg.

Over the last two years people have been worried about their jobs, their income may have been affected, and for many the retirement plan to simply travel around the world is in chaos.

Sitting down and planning it out a bit better eases the mental strain. It also puts you in a better position to adapt and change throughout retirement, especially if you or your partner becomes ill, which is currently a much bigger concern for many aged citizens.

Planning is helping provide peace of mind that you will have more choice of when you can stop work, and it is making people more comfortable and confident about retirement so they can enjoy it better.

Planners also show a better transition into retirement because they are better prepared about what is going to happen and how COVID-19 might impact that. They are simply giving themselves time to get used to it by planning it.

In fact we are finding that people who plan for retirement often enjoy their job more and stay working longer. Knowing they have a choice to retire or not means they are not simply working for the money, and that can make working a lot more appealing.

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