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Get creative with the kids these summer holidays

creative with the kids

Let yourself think back to your favourite childhood memories, what comes to mind?

Do you remember gathering around your Grandma’s kitchen table, baking cakes, making crafts, or tending to vegetables in the garden with Grandad? Or do you have a different memory altogether? Your own cherished past times can be a great inspiration for how to entertain your kids (and grandkids) this year. Even better, it provides children with device-free time and stimulates their creativity.

Decorate Christmas Cookies

What isn’t there to love about baking delicious Christmas cookies and sharing them with your family? Kids will love it too, especially the eating part! To simplify the activity, try to pick an easy to follow recipe, and where possible pre-measure the ingredients, placing them in separate bowls, so that all the kids need to do is mix them together.

They’ll love picking which cookie cutter to use and watching them bake in the oven. Once cooled, the children can start to decorate the cookies with icing and sprinkles. You can get extra creative and use chocolate chips for eyes, teach the kids how to use piping bags, or buy icing pens to make it easier for little hands to manage.

Propagate succulent cuttings

Little green thumbs will be quick to join you in the garden, and propagating succulent cuttings is extra fun and requires little in the way of materials. All that’s needed for this activity are some established succulents, soil, and a pot or two, depending upon how many children are participating. Let the kids take their pick from old glass jars or bowls no longer in use. For a special touch, tie a ribbon or add a bow around the base to make it sparkle.

For the succulent cuttings, they can be taken from any point on the stem, however it is recommended that they are at least 5-7 cm in length. Once the cuttings are ready, simply poke them into the soil and give them a light water. Place the newly potted succulents outdoors in a sunny spot, water regularly, and in a few weeks they should be thriving.

Make Handmade Gift Cards

Isn’t it true that there’s nothing more special than receiving a handmade gift card from a loved one, and it makes a great home activity for kids as well. If you’re naturally crafty, you may be able to come up with your own creations.

However, if you’re feeling stuck for ideas, you’ll discover an array of clever designs online on Pinterest for handmade holiday cards. Think Santa, an elf, reindeer, star or Christmas tree. All it takes is some coloured card, marker pens, ribbon, glue and glitter to bring it to life!

Have a picnic in the backyard

There’s nothing more nostalgic than a summer picnic, but have you ever thought of having one in your own backyard? It’s a great option if you’re entertaining the kids or grandkids, as it removes the need for transport to and from the location. It also transforms what’s usually an ordinary space into a wonderful world of adventure.

Organising your picnic basket with a mix of healthy snacks and tasty treats can be part of the activity, and depending upon the age of the children, they might be able to help with making sandwiches, peeling fruit, and selecting special items from your pantry that you’ve previously baked ready for the picnic. Throw down a blanket and let the festivities begin!

Embark on a nature walk

You might live in a location with lots of family friendly walking trails, it may be a nice stroll down to the local park, or simply walking the paths in your local suburb. Wherever you choose to take a walk, you’ll find there is magic to be discovered through a child’s eyes around each and every corner.

Some kids might like to create a nature journal to accompany them on the walk and take note of the different plants, lizards, butterflies and birds they discover. Younger children might like to collect items as they explore the natural world around them, to be used later in the day or arts and crafts, such as a flower press, or tracing over leaves to create patterns.

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