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Where our Clients Will Holiday Next

With everyone’s holiday plans thrown into turmoil thanks to COVID, The Moreton Group conducted a survey to find out how our clients plan to get back on the bus – or plane, or train, or ship, or car.

It should be no surprise that stories of new COVID strains, war and border closures have made everyone a little hesitant to go too far. In fact, 100 percent of those surveyed said they planned to holiday within Australia with only 18% mentioning that they would also try an overseas trip. It seems the thrill of seeing family is the main drawcard for overseas travel.

Back home we are mostly hoping to hit the road as our retired clients do so well. 46% said they would be using their private car to take them on their next holiday.

15% said they would not holiday further than 4 hours from their home with 67% planning to venture further.

And it seems we don’t want to stay away from home for too long with the most popular length of holiday being just one week.

Our uniqueness came to light when our clients nominated the item they would not leave home without. There was a scattering of the expected passports, wallets and cameras; but some clients had some more specific requests. For the health-conscious it was the filtered water they packed, those looking for a relaxing holiday nominated a good book or their favourite pillow, and of course there is always someone who won’t leave home without their golf clubs.

Wherever you go, stay safe and have fun – and send the team at The Moreton Group a holiday snap.

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