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Top tips for caravanning during those cooler months

caravaning during those cooler months

Travelling through the winter months means no humidity, fewer bugs, and crisp mornings. However, the cold weather can also present some challenges, so being prepared with the necessary tools before you embark is fundamental to a successful trip.

1. Research the weather conditions before you travel

Given the height and weight of a caravan, it can be difficult to navigate such a large vehicle in high winds, icy roads and wet weather. Before disembarking, ensure to research the weather conditions in the areas you plan to travel to and through.

2. Expect the unexpected

Preparation is key to mitigating issues. We recommend packing jumper cables, knives, flares, water, extra blankets, hi-vis vests, and shovels in case you encounter trouble on your winter caravan holiday.

If you are travelling in the really cold parts of Australia, investing in winter tyres will also minimise caravan damage and provide extra safety on the roads.

3. Ensure your caravan has proper ventilation

To reduce condensation in your caravan, ensure it is properly ventilated and air is flowing throughout the space. Most importantly, this ventilation should never be blocked or closed to conserve heat – this can be a major hazard.

4. Invest in a great winter awning for your porch

A caravan awning is a must-have for long-term holidays. Not only does it provide a shield from the cold and keep the warmth in, but it is also a great place to store items like shoes, clothes and other items that would otherwise dirty or crowd your caravan.

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