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If you are over 55, there may be opportunities in the tax system to restructure your finances and save thousands of dollars in tax. These taxation strategies aim to have a neutral impact on take-home income now but could have a significant reduction in the tax you pay and the growth of your super.

Alternatively, you may be able to use taxation strategies to help fund a reduction in working hours or assist with easing into retirement years before you actually take the final step.

The Moreton Group specialise in taxation strategies and look forward to developing a comprehensive taxation strategy for you.

Tax Strategies & Planning for Teachers & Nurses

Taxation FAQs

Can I restructure my tax?2021-07-21T12:37:17+10:00

There may be opportunities for you to restructure your assets, income or look at the critical timing of decisions. Having the right financial adviser who can consider your tax structure when developing your personal financial advice may significantly impact how you maximise your money and retirement position.

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