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Taking Control of When you Retire

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Many of us are excited for what retirement brings, and are looking forward to our golden years, seeing the freedoms from work and endless opportunities to travel and try something new.

Canungra resident Julie Templeman and her husband are nearing retirement, and are looking forward to the challenges and joys their golden years will bring. After working in daycare for a number of years, retirement is arriving a lot earlier than Julie expected, all thanks to the financial planners at The Moreton Group. Julie was guided through her own personal financial retirement journey to show what they could truly learn and achieve during retirement.

“I would like to seriously retire in six or seven years’ time – Cameron (Managing Director at The Moreton Group) said I could retire now, but I like to keep busy with work. We really wanted to travel around Australia and overseas, and looking back we should’ve always used a retirement planner. We’re so glad we found well-suited financial advisors when we did,” Julie said.

“I really didn’t know what my super would do for me until I spoke to the team at The Moreton Group – that’s when my partner and I started looking at what we needed for our future.

“Me and my other half are really keen to travel more, in particular around Australia as well as trying more new activities – the possibilities for us are endless.”

Based on data collated by The Moreton Group, the majority of people looking towards their retirement plan want to travel within Australia and venture in overseas travel – similar to what Julie desires.

By looking towards their future earlier and reviewing how they could save their finances for an adventurous and more enjoyable future, Julie is excited for what’s to come.

Personal financial planning can look different to everyone – whether this be planning for a family, buying a home or saving for your very first investment. Planning for retirement living can be just as exciting and challenging as planning for any other financial goal. But it takes time, visualisation and planning to make them achievable.

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