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Retirement Planning: Time for Aussies to Start the Conversation

Retirement Planning

The Golden Years mean different things to different people. Planning for retirement should therefore be a very unique, personalised endeavour and—quite frankly—fun.

Retirement is something that almost all working Australians dream about but very few actually have a retirement game plan—or exit strategy—because they don’t know what’s possible.

Discussing your income and how much money you have in the bank doesn’t come easy to Australians.

Retirement advisors are for everyone, irrespective of income or savings, and the reality is that after seeking professional advice, most clients report that they are relieved.

The Moreton Group takes an ‘everything’s possible’ approach to retirement planning, helping clients articulate the life they want to live and their needs, and then forming a plan and simplifying the complex financial landscape to make visions realities.

Retirement readiness is not based on an age or a superannuation amount – it involves a hybrid-financial model, considering super and government entitlements.

Financial literacy in retirement planning is about knowing what’s possible. And to know what’s possible you have to start the conversation.

Until you ask, you’ll never know the real age you can retire.

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