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William & Isabella

William and Isabella’s lives revolve around raising their kids and running their small family-owned business.

William and Isabella have worked hard for what they have, they’ve always had a good cash flow budget in place and are constantly looking for ways to get ahead. With the amount of wealth they’ve built over the years, William and Isabella are now anxious about how to best protect it.

Their main concern is protecting their business and income with their main priority to increase their personal savings and reduce their level of debt. Having a thriving business that is well protected into the future is central to their personal financial goals and funding their children’s education.

William and Isabella are concerned that if one of them becomes ill and needs to take time off from the business, the other one will not be able to manage on their own and will need to employ additional staff to assist them. This would be an extra cost to the business and would be disruptive to the smooth running of the business which may have an impact on their staff, they would hate for any of them to leave. The customers are used to the staff and have a good relationship with them, which aids in the business success.

William and Isabella were not sure where they should start and needed some specialist advice.

In seeking professional advice they were able to:

  • Review their current financial position and business protection plan.
  • Assess the potential risks to their business if they were to suffer accident, illness or premature death.
  • Tailor a business and wealth protection strategy that was suitable for them and their business.
  • Be confident they could continue to pay expenses and the business could thrive without them if needed. They were pleasantly surprised to find out that if they needed to hire additional staff in their absence, there were business protection plans that could facilitate this.

With the knowledge and support they received, William and Isabella were confident they were more in control of their financial future.

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