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Meet Wayne and Debbie – Profile study

Meet Wayne and Debbie - Profile study

People are quite often scared to think about life after work, or afraid of what the options might be when it comes to their finances, but in our experience they usually can look at retirement sooner than they expected.

Gold Coast residents Wayne (61) and Debbie (59) Chisolm are currently planning to retire. After both working in administration for many years, retirement is earlier than anticipated thanks to The Moreton Group, who provided assistance in defining what retirement looked like to them and how they could achieve it.

“We started thinking seriously about retirement about five years ago. We started taking note of the market and how it was moving.

“We had used The Moreton Group’s financial advice and management in earlier years, so it was a natural progression to do the same for our retirement,” Mr Chisolm said.

“The Moreton Group brought to light the concept of planning what we wanted to do in retirement and using that as our foundation to organise our finances. Retirement creeps up on you and if you don’t have a plan you can fall into the trap of not knowing what you want to do and, even worse, wondering if you have the ability to do it.”

According to data by The Moreton Group the main things people want to do when they retire is buy a four wheel drive and go touring, or buy a boat to enjoy the outdoors.

This is exactly what the Chisolms intended to do when they bought a caravan to set the wheels in motion.

Whether it’s buying a home, starting a business or preparing for a family, personal finance planning will be different for all of us. Our goals take time, visualisation and above all we need a plan in place to make them achievable. Planning for retirement should be no different.

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