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Great activities for grandparents and grandchildren

Great activities for grandparents and grandchildren

The memories grandparents and grandchildren have when they spend time with one another are priceless – nothing can replace the joy of your own family. Grandparents play many roles in the life of a grandchild, whether this is as a party host, reader, chef, or a live-in family member! From time to time, however, it can be difficult to get creative with fun activities for you and the little ones to enjoy. A number of Moreton Group clients are grandparents who are spending a great deal of their golden years looking after their grandchildren. Here are some ideas you could use to spend some great quality time with your family.

Arts and Crafts

  • Releasing a child’s inner imagination is the greatest way for them to learn their skills and capabilities! Encouraging individuals to take up an artsy activity has proven to be beneficial for the general well-being of a person. Grab a paint kit, some glue sticks, pens, and paper, and let their inner creativity go!

Cooking and Baking

  • Whether it be starting from scratch or using a much loved packet mix, getting the kids involved in creating their cakes and recipes can grow their motivation towards an end goal, especially when the results are edible!

Puzzle and Board Games

  • There’s nothing wrong with a little competition now and then . . . especially when it comes to a board game. Pulling out a good game of Monopoly or an age-appropriate puzzle can also help your grandkids work with each other as a team.

Technology exploration

  • Technology has been a prominent part of Gen Z’s life, whether we like it or not. . . but this doesn’t mean it has to be a bad thing. There are some great educational apps both you and your grandkids can benefit from, and the possibilities are endless. Prodigy, Busy Shapes, and Khan Academy are some great ones just to name a few.

Plan a day out

  • We all love a good outing, as it typically keeps most people entertained with the outside world! Going out for a bite to eat or to visit the shops, museums or the park with the grandkids can be a great way to appreciate what your area has to offer.

Get active!

  • Sometimes, getting out in the sunshine and participating in exercise is a good way to get the heart rate up! Whether it’s swimming, running, or tennis, sport can be a great way to increase your fitness levels and push yourself and your grandkids to their greatest physical potential!

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