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How We Can Help

Your estate is made up of any assets you own. Our estate planning team can help determine what happens to your money when you pass away, taking the logistical and administration pressure off friends, family and caregivers by providing certainty during major life events.

We can help you develop a comprehensive estate plan with the interests of your loved ones in mind.

  • Life Insurance
  • Superannuation Nominations
  • Wills

The Moreton Group specialise in estate planning and look forward to helping you to develop a comprehensive estate plan.

Estate Planning for Teachers & Nurses

Estate Planning FAQs

What happens to my money when I pass away?2021-07-21T12:28:34+10:00

In the event of death, your bank accounts are closed by the bank with any remaining money used to pay out what you requested in your will.

If there is no will, ownership of the account and its assets will be transferred to your next of kin or estate administrator. It’s important to note that any credit card debt or personal loan debt will be paid from your bank accounts before the account administrator takes control.

In this event, having a well thought out estate plan can provide some certainty for loved ones.

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