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Election Planning

Election Planning

With a Federal election just around the corner, our customers are beginning to tackle the enormous task of deciding how to vote, where to vote, and who to vote for.

Whilst a Federal election is an important event we don’t want it to interrupt our lifestyle and travels, and it shouldn’t.

For all details on voting options, the best start is the Australian Electoral Commission website.

The site also provides an easy to follow link to the candidates in your electorate – lists can be very long so it’s a great idea to review the candidates at home by clicking on the links to learn more about the candidates seeking your vote.

As for who to vote for? That’s something you have to decide for yourself. A quick look through the party websites shows there are a lot of policies discussed that sometimes don’t get covered in the media.

Policies on tax, the environment, and aged care might be of interest. One party has a plan to keep drivers safe on the road and we know how much our customers love to drive around Australia. Another party is promising faster rail transport, which could also be of interest to our travellers. Also of interest might be policies to promote free education and courses.

Another voting resource to find the party that best suits your values is the ABC’s Vote Compass. Through answering the survey’s 30 policy-related questions, the Vote Compass shows you how your political values align with those of the major parties.

Grab a cup of tea, sit back with your laptop, and see who will work best for you for the next few years.

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