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Dreaming About Retirement

Dreaming About Retirement

Dream experts believe that if you dream of retirement, this may mean you need a holiday.

But when we are awake it is often the other way around – people go on holidays and daydream about retirement.

Here are some top tips for turning retirement dreams into realities.

  1. Take a moment throughout your day to pause and write down what you would do with your retirement. If you can visualise it, you can make it happen a lot earlier. Don’t believe people who say to you that you would be bored in retirement. They are probably jealous. Very few people go back to work after they retire.
  2. Think about what you might buy yourself when you retire. The main purchases people make when they retire are a four wheel drive to go touring, or a boat to enjoy the waterways. If that’s you, start to think about what model you’d like.
  3. Ignore the “financial advice” from a good mate – he or she is unlikely to know much about the retirement finance industry. It can be complicated and affected by changing legislation and interest rates. Get professional advice from someone who can map it all out for you and be confident they know what they are talking about.
  4. When you are chatting with your family, talk out loud about retirement. It is a topic many people feel uncomfortable talking about because it can involve discussing money – and many of us find that difficult. In fact those who feel they have too little money to retire often find the discussion to be embarrassing. Just start the conversation.
  5. Whilst out drinking with friends, use the drinks coaster to write down how you can save a little more each week. Break a small spending habit and put that money towards something more valuable.
  6. While out walking, set yourself a small goal for every kilometre you walk. They might be things like talking to friends who have retired, researching the retirement industry or making an appointment with an expert. You’ll be walking your way towards a much more informed retirement.
  7. Think about how you are going to reward yourself when you reach your small goals. Maybe it’s something like a subscription to your favourite hobby magazine, or a musical instrument you always wanted to play? It won’t go to waste when you retire.
  8. Keep healthy. Some of the top triggers for seeking financial planning advice are ill health or the ill health of a friend or family member. Don’t wait for a health scare to think about retirement planning, and stay healthy – there is a lot to do in retirement.
  9. Relax with peace of mind – once a plan’s done you can rest easy.
  10. Regularly review your strategies and goals – the best time to start planning is now, and the earlier you start the less you have to do.

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