Ric Haydok
Ric HaydokBusiness Manager & Responsible Manager of TMG Licensee Services

I joined The Moreton Group a number of years ago with the goal to help the business expand and manage the industry changes. I am drawn to the challenges involved with building a business and enjoy seeking out different business opportunities in the ever-changing financial industry.

I was actually a client of The Moreton Group before working here and have been friends with Cameron Dickson (Director) for over 20 years. I’m proud of the culture we’ve built – we work well together and have fun while doing it.

My management experience spans 15 years across multiple industries and includes a Bachelor of Business Degree majoring in Banking and Finance.  I have a very well-rounded perspective on the challenges businesses face in these modern times and also the solutions to overcome them.

Outside of work I love all things boating and fishing. You can find me out on the reef whenever I get the chance. My wife and I have two children who love being outdoors whether that’s camping or fishing. I also love to cook, and my wife’s South African background has a massive influence on my cooking and barbecuing.

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